Capacity building

Dreamost Consultancy Services (DCS) Ltd understands that strengthening the capacity of individuals and institutions in developing countries is crucial for the success of development policy. We appreciate also that one of the challenges working in a developing economy is shortage of skilled workforce, which can be developed through training. There is lack of ownership by recipients, incapacity to effect sustainable change, lack of inter-sectorial coordination, and insufficiently tailored-made approaches. DCS is determined to expand her well-established foundation in the area and excel in research and consultancy services in training and capacity development. You can rely on our training services because we are equipped with over ten years of experience in providing various forms of training and worked with highly educated and widely experienced experts and partners. Unlike capacitybuilding which suggests building something new from the ground up, with 'capacity development,’ we believe to build on existing skills and knowledge, driving a dynamic and flexible process of change, borne by local actors.

Our Services

♦ Capacity building

♦ Policy formulation and analysis

♦ Program and project assessments (Baselines, Mid-term and Endlines)

♦ Project formulation

♦ Social, economic and environmental assessment

♦ Survey design and data processing

♦ Corporate finance

♦ Accounting And Auditing