Policy formulation and analysis

DDreamost Consultancy Services (DCS) understands that effective policy making is always a big challenge to governments, non-governmental, bilateral, and multilateral organizations the world over. World dynamics today present new challenges to governments, nongovernmental, bilateral, and multilateral organizations in making effective policies. DCS services are vastly trustworthy and we are deeply involved with government, nongovernmental, bilateral, and multilateral organizations, so much so that they trust us to carry out public policy formulation and analysis which are highly sensitive and require painstaking effort. Thanks to our highly educated and well-experienced experts and partners, we have always been providing unmatched policy formulation and analysis services in various fields of study.

Our Services

♦ Capacity building

♦ Policy formulation and analysis

♦ Program and project assessments (Baselines, Mid-term and Endlines)

♦ Project formulation

♦ Social, economic and environmental assessment

♦ Survey design and data processing

♦ Corporate finance

♦ Accounting And Auditing