Project formulation

Dreamost Consultancy Services (DCS) seek to help institutions not only in project formulation but also all the way to the evaluation phase and if need be further along. At DCS, we help the project teams to effectively execute the formulation, evaluation and project management processes. We ensure that the processes (tasks and activities) have clear dependencies and are done following the same sequence in each project. They are independent from the area of application approaches. These groups of processes consider the multidimensional nature of formulation, evaluation and project management. This is one of the indicators of the maturity of a research and consultancy firm. Our clients trust us, so much so that they lean on us from the inception to the evaluation phase of the projects they undertake.

Our Services

♦ Capacity building

♦ Policy formulation and analysis

♦ Program and project assessments (Baselines, Mid-term and Endlines)

♦ Project formulation

♦ Social, economic and environmental assessment

♦ Survey design and data processing

♦ Corporate finance

♦ Accounting And Auditing